Iran Nomad Tour


Nomads (Kooch Neshinan) in Iran are a group of people who travel and move from one place to another along with their tribe, family and all their belongings. Kooch Neshini (Nomadism) is the tribal lifestyle and their economy is based on herding. Shifting from one place to another and moving as a large group are the most important aspects of Nomadic life. Nomads move to Yeylagh (cooler countryside) in summer and back to Gheshlagh (warmer areas) in winter throughout their yearly and shift with the seasons Iran’s Nomadic tour is an opportunity to visit this great attraction that is still present in the 21st century. 7 days tour of Iran’s Nomads is an exciting touring program that allows you to learn about the culture of Nomads and experience their life along with one of main tribes called The Great Tribe of Qashqai. Through this tour you get to live their life, taste their wood stove cooked local food, see their style of animal herding and understand their customs.

Tour Highlights

Visiting “Margoon”, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Iran
Spending time in Qashqai tents
Visiting Tange Boragh, a beautiful valley close to a village with the same name
Sleeping in nomadic tents
Visiting Shaikh Alikhan waterfall
Tasting local food cooked on wooden stoves, seeing their style of animal-herding and understanding their customs.


We use good quality hotels rated at the Iranian Local House and 3-star level on this tour. Local star ratings may vary slightly from international standards. Accommodation is based on double or twin en-suite rooms with air conditioning.

All couples will have a private double room.

Single travelers must pay extra to have their private room.